East Coast Greenway adds key connections in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts

bridge street opening 24 photo by alyssa zinar
In April 2024, Mid-Atlantic Manager Daniel Paschall joined partners for a ribbon cutting for the D&L Trail - Bridge Street Connector in Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Three safety-enhancing trail connections in Pennsylvania and a nearly 2-mile protected pathway just north of downtown Boston were recently approved by the East Coast Greenway Alliance’s Greenway Council as additions to the developing 3,000-mile East Coast Greenway,

Currently, the East Coast Greenway features 1,100 traffic-free miles connected by the interim route on roadways. Whenever possible, the interim route is located on low-traffic roadways; however, high-stress segments do exist. 

The newest additions to the East Coast Greenway include: 

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Massachusetts Committee Chair David Read, National Greenway Director Allison Burson and Northern New England Manager Emily Paskewicz visit the Northern Strand Community Trail.

Northern Strand Community Trail (Everett, Massachusetts), 1.7 miles: A segment of the developing Border to Boston portion of the East Coast Greenway, the latest addition to the Northern Strand Community Trail in Everett, Massachusetts, stretches 1.7 miles from Malden to the Encore Boston Harbor Harborwalk and existing paths along Boston Harbor. This trail network will be a key connection to the proposed Mystic River Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, which will link the Northern Strand and northern communities to downtown Boston.

The D&L Trail - Bridge Street Connector in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

D&L Trail - Bridge Street Connector (Morrisville, Pennsylvania), 0.1 miles: Two ramps and a new mid-block crossing up to and across Bridge Street fill the final of the five major D&L Trail gaps between Morrisville and Bristol, Pennsylvania. This project vastly improves cyclist and pedestrian safety as the East Coast Greenway spine route approaches New Jersey. Prior to the construction of the ramps, trail-goers would often take an informal route through a hotel parking lot to reach Bridge Street - and the Lower Trenton Bridge Walkway - from the D&L. This segment is also part of the regional Circuit Trails network.

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Cobbs Creek Trail - Segment C in Philadelphia

Cobbs Creek Trail - Segment C (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 0.5 miles: The newest portion of the Cobbs Creek Trail stretches a half mile from 84th Street and Lindbergh Avenue to the Eastwick Rec Center in Southwest Philadelphia. When complete, the East Coast Greenway portion of the Cobbs Creek Trail will cover 4 miles, creating a key link in the Circuit Trails network in Southwest Philadelphia, connecting it with more than 10 miles of trails in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge.

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I-95 Underpass Trail in Philadelphia

 I-95 Underpass Trail (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), 0.3 miles: A segment of the in-development Delaware River Trail, in the I-95 Underpass Trail safely connects Lehigh Avenue to Cumberland Street in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood. To date, the central portion of the Delaware River Trail runs 3.3 miles from Pier 70 in South Philadelphia to Penn Treaty Park. It also creates an important connection to Spring Garden Street, the site of a planned Greenway connecting the Delaware River to the Schuylkill River. This segment is also part of the regional Circuit Trails network.

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