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New Jersey

Travel through the bustling urban areas of Trenton, New Brunswick, Newark, and Jersey City but also a surprising share of quiet, traffic-free paths, including the D&R Canal Towpath.

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Current Progress

The nearly 100 miles of Greenway in New Jersey passes through bustling urban areas — Trenton, New Brunswick, Newark, and Jersey City — as well as quiet suburban settings and more rural landscapes than one might expect. The route includes 36 miles of the much enjoyed D&R Canal Towpath.

Between the end of the D&R Canal Towpath and the northern end of the New Jersey route in Jersey City, travelers alternate between park paths and interim on-road sections. We are working on an Essex-Hudson connection with partner communities, counties, NJDOT, NJDEP, New Jersey Bike Walk Coalition and others.

The New Jersey route is bound on either side by rivers. To cross into New York, take a ferry across the Hudson River or go to the George Washington Bridge. To cross into Pennsylvania, use the bike/ped friendly Calhoun Street Bridge across the Delaware River between Trenton and Morrisville.

Traveling by train? 

Quick tips when using Amtrak with your bike: Do your research in advance; each train line features different bike rack equipment and loading procedures. Check Amtrak for the latest and when in doubt: call the station if you have questions. Click for more: https://www.amtrak.com/bike

New Jersey Contacts

Designated Trails in New Jersey

Mileage counts reflect the portion of each trail that is part of East Coast Greenway.

  • Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Jersey City; 0.5 mi

  • Lincoln Park path, Jersey City; 1.1 mi

  • Newark Riverfront Trail, Newark; 0.6 mi

  • Black Brook Park Path, Kenilworth; 0.5 mi

  • Lenape Park Path; 1.4 mi

  • Nomahegan Park Path, Cranford; 1.2 mi

  • Roosevelt Park Path, Edison; 1.3 mi

  • Merrill Park Path, Middlesex County; 0.3 mi

  • Middlesex Greenway, Middlesex County; 1.5 mi

  • Donaldson Park Path, Middlesex County; 0.8 mi

  • Johnson Park Path, Piscataway; 1.7 mi

  • Landing Lane Bridge Path, Piscataway-New Brunswick; 0.1 mi

  • D&R Canal Trail, New Brunswick-Trenton; 36.3 mi

  • D&R Canal Towpath (alt rt), Hamilton-Bordentown Twp-Bordentown NJ; 3.7 mi
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Greenway Guidance

While the East Coast Greenway Alliance is constantly improving the safety of the Greenway route through its advocacy efforts, many of the current on-road connections, including those on the Greenway’s interim routes, have little or no special provisions for bicyclists or pedestrians. Long-distance travel via on-road sections of the Greenway is recommended for experienced cyclists only. Many lengthy traffic-free segments of the Greenway are suitable for families and cyclists, walkers and runners of all ages and abilities. 

The current on-road routing is housed on low-traffic roads whenever possible. We aim to be as clear as we are able about the conditions riders can expect by including alerts for known stressful sections on our online mapping tool at map.greenway.org. Directional signage may or may not be present along the route. Users are advised to review state traffic laws, research current road conditions and discuss plans with people familiar with area roadways.

This website provides information for the public about trails and roads for traveling the interim route of the East Coast Greenway and their general suitability for long-distance cycling and walking. The East Coast Greenway Alliance and those involved with the development and publication of this website do not assume any liability for injuries, damage or loss to persons using this information or the routes suggested. People using this information are responsible for their own safety and should take appropriate precautions. 

Update to interim travel route in New Jersey

Please note that the interim travel route of the East Coast Greenway, as depicted in the map below, has changed in northern New Jersey to provide greater safety and less-stressful accessibility for through-riders and walkers. As you review map.greenway.org, you will notice that we are taking advantage of the upgrades to the Bayonne and Goethals bridge paths on and off Staten Island. However, note that the proposed permant route of the East Coast Greenway still follows the Essex-Hudson corridor down through Newark and the scenic paths through Weequahic Park, Black Brook Park, Lenape Park and Rahway River Park.

To explore the East Coast Greenway between Newark and Rahway, please see the following routes:

Transit connections with carry-on bike service to and from Newark Penn Station are available with PATH and NJ Transit trains back to the Greenway route in Jersey City or Manhattan.

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News and features of interest

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May 9, 2024

East Coast Greenway welcomes New Jersey & New York Manager Sofia Barandiaran

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September 16, 2022

New Jersey Gov. Murphy announces Essex-Hudson Greenway acquisition

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August 11, 2022

Record $50 million in federal RAISE funding to East Coast Greenway projects

Greenway Ambassadors

Greenway Ambassadors are our super-volunteers, folks who love the East Coast Greenway and offer to pitch in on events, trail stewardship, social media, and more. Interested in pitching in? Write to Allison Burson, our National Greenway Director.

Many thanks to our New Jersey Ambassadors, who include:

  • Silvia Ascarelli, West Windsor

  • Michael Scotti, Cranford

  • Adam Tamzoke, Jamesburg

silvia on relay
Ambassador Silvia Ascarelli collects a water sample during our 2018 East Coast River Relay.

Our Partners in New Jersey

Partners include but are not limited to:

Want to see the Greenway grow in New Jersey?

Together, let's grow the Greenway

Recent record-setting funding for design and construction goes directly to building the East Coast Greenway - as it should. The East Coast Greenway Alliance needs your support to continue our advocacy work that is fueling completion of the Greenway. The Alliance has a sustained track record of turning every dollar donated to our nonprofit into $100 in public infrastructure investment. Invest today and support the growth of the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Florida.