Legacy Giving

By including the East Coast Greenway Alliance in your will or estate plans, you have a significant role in completing and maintaining the Greenway.

Legacy giving provides the East Coast Greenway with a strong base of future support. Please consider making a commitment which will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the Greenway.

Add the East Coast Greenway Alliance to your existing will or create a new will using this free resource from our partners at Freewill. 

Do you have an IRA, 401(k), life-insurance policy, or any other assets not included in your will? If so, these are called non-probate assets and you must plan your beneficiaries for them separately. Use this online tool to make your plans and designate us as a beneficiary of one or more of these assets. 

The East Coast Greenway Alliance also can accept donations of cash and publicly traded securities. Please contact us if you are considering other types of legacy gifts. 

By making a provision in your will for the East Coast Greenway Alliance, you join the Legacy Circle, our legacy society, and will be recognized by the Alliance. Allowing the East Coast Greenway Alliance to publicly recognize your generosity helps encourage others to invest; however, you may remain anonymous if you so choose.

For more information about legacy giving contact Debra West via email. If you already include the East Coast Greenway in your estate planning, please let Debra know so we can acknowledge your support!

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Additional information: 

The Alliance does not provide tax or legal advice. We encourage donors to seek guidance from professional advisors to assist them in the process of making a legacy gift. 

Click here for more information and sample language for wills and bequests.

If you wish to name the East Coast Greenway Alliance in your will or estate plan, we should be named as designated below: 

East Coast Greenway Alliance, Inc., a nonprofit corporation, organized and existing under the laws of the State of New York, with principal business address of:

5826 Fayetteville Road, Suite 210

Durham, NC 27713

Tax Identification Number: 04-3326812 

Date of Incorporation: 10/24/1995

The East Coast Greenway Alliance is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and further described in section 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi). 

Together, let's grow the Greenway

Recent record-setting funding for design and construction goes directly to building the East Coast Greenway - as it should. The East Coast Greenway Alliance needs your support to continue our advocacy work that is fueling completion of the Greenway. The Alliance has a sustained track record of turning every dollar donated to our nonprofit into $100 in public infrastructure investment. Invest today and support the growth of the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Florida.