Celebrating a new section of the East Coast Greenway in Fort Pierce, Florida

The Big Picture: Impact and Promise


A sustainable solution for communities large and small.

The East Coast Greenway is a collaborative effort that has attracted more than $2 billion in public investment since 1991. The dream of a 3,000-mile protected biking and walking route represents a commitment to public health, environmental sustainability, economic development, and civic engagement. Together, we are connecting people to nature and communities via a safe, accessible Greenway.

2022 Annual Report

The year 2022 was full of remarkable growth thanks to generous people and institutions from all over. The East Coast Greenway dream is coming to life as more people experience it than ever.

The most accessible and fun ways to improve your health and the climate are biking and walking. But millions of people from Maine to Florida lack access to safe infrastructure to do so. Let’s change that together and make the most of this historic infrastructure moment! 

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Investing in Our Future

The study, "Investing in Our Future: Quantifying the Impact of Completing the East Coast Greenway in the Delaware River Watershed" was prepared by NV5 and EConsult Solutions in March 2019. The report's key finding: Completing the East Coast Greenway in the Greater Philadelphia region would mean $3 billion in public health, environmental, and economic benefits.

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The Impact of Greenways in the Triangle

The East Coast Greenway Alliance commissioned a study in 2017 to put numbers on what we know to be true: Greenways are good for economic growth. Prepared by Alta Planning + Design and sponsored by GSK, the report finds that the East Coast Greenway generates $90 million in total benefits annually for the Triangle region, from gains in health and the environment to transportation and access benefits, economic gains, and increased property values.

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The Economic, Health, and Environmental Benefits of Completing The Capital Trails Network

The Capital Trails Coalition, in partnership with a team of experts, spent two years developing an impact report to quantify the economic, health, and environmental benefits of our region’s 881 mile multi-use trail network. A key hub of the East Coast Greenway, Washington DC region is uniquely positioned to have the best trails system in the nation.

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Economic and Social Benefits of Completing the Baltimore Greenway Trails Network

Ernst & Young LLP on behalf of the Greater Washington Partnership released a report on the Economic and Social Benefits of Completing the Baltimore Greenway Trails Network. The study examines the potential economic and social benefits of a $28 million plan to expand and connect existing trails in Baltimore City to complete the Greenway Trails Network, a key stretch of the East Coast Greenway. 

Only 10 miles of trail construction is needed to complete a 35-mile trail system that will provide access to a safe, car-free trail network that connects 75 neighborhoods to new recreational and economic opportunities. When finished, the trail network has the potential to unlock new economic, health and social benefits for city residents. 

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Trails as 'top community amenity'

“Trails consistently remain the number one community amenity sought by prospective homeowners.” — National Association of Homebuilders (2008) in "Evidence of many varieties of economic benefits linked to trails "(2011)

After a nearly 3-mile walk/bike path was built as a part of the Ravenel bridge in Charleston, SC, local researchers surveyed users. Sixty-seven percent said that they exercise more since the opening of the path. This increase was even more pronounced for African Americans — 85 percent became more active thanks to [the path]. For a state with one of the highest obesity rates, this is big news.” — The Federal Investment in Bicycling: 10 Success Stories (2013)

Every 300 miles of new greenway infrastructure in North Carolina results in “economic stimulus from upfront construction of $174 M supporting 1,600 jobs" and increased tourism activity of $128 M supporting 1,600 jobs. —WalkBikeNC: North Carolina Statewide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (2013)

"Property values are 5-20 percent higher near trails." — Headwaters Economics

Headwaters Economics, a nonprofit research group, has compiled a searchable collection of studies on the positive impacts of trails, especially in small or medium-sized towns and rural areas. The library is searchable by type of benefit, use, year, and region.  Search Trail Benefits Library

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Meet the East Coast Greenway

The work of the East Coast Greenway Alliance encourages people to develop active lifestyles, interact and make positive impacts on the environment, boost local economic development, and connect with communities. In this video produced by one of our partners, the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, meet Executive Director Dennis Markatos-Soriano and learn a little more about our vision and impact.

Meet the East Coast Greenway Alliance

Stories of Impact

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Record $50 million in federal RAISE funding to East Coast Greenway projects

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August 30, 2022

Video: Philadelphia's Spring Garden Street Connector

June 24, 2022

Record $93 million for multi-use trails in new Virginia budget

Together, let's grow the Greenway

Recent record-setting funding for design and construction goes directly to building the East Coast Greenway - as it should. The East Coast Greenway Alliance needs your support to continue our advocacy work that is fueling completion of the Greenway. The Alliance has a sustained track record of turning every dollar donated to our nonprofit into $100 in public infrastructure investment. Invest today and support the growth of the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Florida.