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Welcome to the ECGA Personnel page!

On this page you will find information you need to effectively participate in the ECGA. If there is something missing from this page or if you have ideas for how it could be used more effectively, please let us know.


Board of Trustees Information

Personnel Information





  • Personnel Manual





    Trail Council Information






  • Go to the Trail Council Page for current information, meetings, and designations
  • Trail Council Concept Memo
  • Trail Council Job Description
  • Inaugural Meeting Report (November 2005)
  • Trail Corps Concept Statement
  • Concept Statement: Role of a Pro Bono Professional Design Squad in Advancing the ECG





    Trail Designation Materials:






  • Designation Application (PDF) (DOC)
  • Inspection Report (PDF) (DOC)
  • Sample request for endorsement (PDF)
  • Sample letter of endorsement (PDF)






    Trail Development Policy Documents:






  • Route Selection Guidelines
  • Memo regarding spine route selection (2004)
  • Pilot Trail Designation Criteria and Procedure (1996)
  • Refinements to ECG Trail Vision (1999, 2000, 2003)
  • Interim On-Road Route Relocation Guidelines & Procedures





    State Committee Documents







  • 1998 Ad Hoc Committee Report on State Committees
  • 2001 Policy on Alliance/State Committee Relations
  • MOA solidifying the relationship between the ECGA and the ECG state committee
  • Criteria for ECGA state committees to make policy recommendations on route or other matters to the ECGA BOT





    Strategic Planning Documents

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