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About the Program

ECG Ambassadors are our Super Volunteers. This pilot program for New England, sponsored by REI, provides ECG materials and training to volunteers who then go out and spread the word about the ECG in their communities. Learn more about the program from the Ambassador Flier.

We are no longer training new Ambassadors this year, but please let Eric ( know if you are interested in our next round of training.

Info for Current Ambassadors

Need more materials? Have questions about the program? Please contact Eric at 401-450-7155 or

Read the Ambassador Program Evaluation Summary from February 2009.

Read the Ambassador Program Summary and Recommendations from April 2009.

Ambassador event report form.

Visit our Advocacy Toolkit for new and updated materials to help you spread the word. The Toolkit contains information to supplement or replace the items on your Toolkit CD.


Ambassador Bruce Gelin (right) from Massachusetts.

Ambassador Cheryl Commendatore from Rhode Island.


Ambassador Calendar

Ambassadors, if you have an upcoming event, please enter it in the calendar.


Ambassador Report Form


Please fill out the form below after attending an event.

Or, you can download the form, fill it out and either send it via regular mail to ECGA, 5315 Highgate Dr ste 105, Durham NC 27713 or scan and send it by email to  If sending a hard copy, please use the other side if you need more space. If emailing, answering all the asterisked questions is more
important than format. Please keep track of ALL the time you put into this, including preparation and travel, and report it. It’s REALLY important! Thank you!

East Coast Greenway Alliance

Ambassador Contact Report Form

Please complete and send (via regular mail to ECGA, 27 North Road, Wakef ield,
RI 02879 or email: to ECGA of f ice after each
event/contact with public. If sending hard copy, please use other side if you
need more space. If emailing, answering all asterisked questions is more
important than format. Please keep track of ALL the time you put into this
(including preparation and travel) and report it. It’s REALLY important! Thank

Contact/Event Location and Description
Volunteer hours(including preparation time, travel)
*Please estimate the number of people you talked to in which of the following age groups:
20 yrs. or under: 20-50 yrs. of age:
50-70 yrs. of age: Over 70 yrs. of age:
*Please estimate the number who used wheelchairs
the number who were:  
Please summarize:  
Questions asked that you need our help to answer:
Types of questions asked, significant comments, positive or negative:
Any names or information that could be helpful to State Committees:
Did the resources provided by ECGA meet your needs for this event? If not, please feel free to
make suggestions.
Suggestions for improving the Ambassador Program:
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